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Resource Centre

Find Elections Canada's official publications, research and consultation products, information about the Canada Elections Act, lists and maps of electoral districts, and a glossary of election-related terms.

For your community

Consult Elections Canada's free toolkits to help your community discover ways to participate in the democratic process (Inspire Democracy website).

For your classroom

Order Elections Canada's free classroom resources to teach your students about voting and democracy (Elections and Democracy website).


Federal electoral and referendum legislation, adaptations and instructions of the Chief Electoral Officer, major court cases, Compendium of Election Administration in Canada, manual on judicial recounts.

Opinions, Guidelines and Interpretation Notes

Information on the application of the Canada Elections Act.


Elections Canada's ElectoFacts is a resource that Canadian electors can use to easily check whether information they come across about Canada's federal electoral process is accurate or not.

Official Elections Canada Communication Products

Paid advertising, brochures, surveys from Elections Canada, list of organizations we work with.


Post-election studies, research on participation in the electoral process, research on the administration of elections, and the electoral framework.

Electoral Districts

Maps, list of electoral districts, list of vacant seats in Parliament, information on the redistribution process.


Official voting results, statutory reports (following electoral events), departmental plans, financial reports.

Regulatory Policy

Explore Elections Canada's Regulatory Policy instruments.


Various consultations with stakeholder audiences who may face barriers to electoral participation.


Publications for the public, teachers, and community organizations, and ECDocs Election Officer Manuals.

International Electoral Resources

List of international electoral resource links.

A History of the Vote in Canada

How the right to vote evolved in Canada.

The Electoral System of Canada

How our electoral process evolved over time.

Electoral Insight

Elections Canada's oldest publication (1999–2006) touches on many interesting subjects.


A glossary of electoral terms.