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Plans at a Glance2020–21 Departmental Plan

In March 2020, Elections Canada will finalize its new Strategic Plan, which will guide the organization's activities over the next eight years as it delivers an electoral democracy that serves all Canadians and that Canadians trust. To achieve this vision, the agency will focus on the priorities within four commitments to maximize the impact of its efforts.

During the 2020–21 fiscal year, Elections Canada will continue to wrap up the analysis of the 43rd general election while also looking towards the next election. This includes seeing that the independent audit of poll worker performance during the election is completed and published and that the audit of financial returns of political entities has begun. Preparations for the 44th general election include refining the data, tools, processes, and systems used during the last election. While the date of the next general election is unknown, Elections Canada will remain ready to successfully deliver it, whenever it is called.

Our vision

An electoral democracy that serves all Canadians and that Canadians trust

Our commitments

  • Proactively listen to and engage with Canadians and political entities to continually improve programs and services
  • Use and share information to enable a better understanding of the electoral process
  • Work collaboratively and leverage expertise to enable a strong electoral democracy
  • Invest in sound mangement to build a sustainable organization

On July 1, 2020, Elections Canada will celebrate its 100th anniversary. It will mark its centennial year with various activities and events throughout 2020–21 that support electoral democracy and highlight the electoral process in Canada.

In the fall, a detailed retrospective report on the 43rd general election—informed by post-election reviews, public opinion research, and stakeholder and voter feedback — will be submitted to Parliament. That report will be followed by another that recommends legislative changes to improve the administration of the Canada Elections ActFootnote i and includes recommendations from the Commissioner of Canada Elections to improve the compliance and enforcement regime of the Act.

For more information on Elections Canada's plans, priorities, and planned results, see the "Planned Results and Resources" section of this report.