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2018–19 Departmental Plan

Disclosure of transfer payment programs under $5 million

Name of transfer payment program Subsidy to auditors of registered electoral district associations
End date Ongoing
Type of transfer payment Other (not grants or contributions)
Type of appropriation The program is appropriated through the Electoral Expenditures statutory authority
Link to department's Program Inventory Electoral Integrity and Regulatory Compliance
Main objective Elections Canada's role is to administer the Canada Elections Act, which has three main objectives: fairness, transparency and participation.

A subsidy not exceeding $1,500 is sent directly to auditors of qualified registered electoral district associations. To qualify for an audit subsidy, an association must have accepted contributions or incurred expenses totalling $5,000 or more during the year.
Planned spending in 201819 $1,100,000
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation Not applicable (statutory payments as determined by Parliament)
Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation (if applicable) Not applicable
General targeted recipient groups Auditors of qualified registered electoral district associations