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Annex 1: Elections Canada Organizational ChartElections Canada Institutional Report – Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference in Federal Electoral Processes and Democratic Institutions

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Chief Electoral Officer of Canada

Stéphane Perrault

Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Regulatory Affairs

Josée Villeneuve

  • Legal Services
  • Political Financing
  • Integrity, Regulatory Policy and Parliamentary Affairs

Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Electoral Events & Innovation

Michel Roussel

  • Electoral Data Services and Development
  • Electoral Redistribution
  • Voting Services and Development
  • Field Governance and Operational Readiness

Deputy Chief Electoral Officer, Digital Transformation

Serge Caron

  • Sector Integration and Management
  • Digital Services Delivery
  • Corporate Security
  • Digital Enterprise Transformation
  • Human Resources

Office of the Chief Electoral Officer, Chief of Staff

Karine Morin

  • Strategic Management Office
  • International, Provincial and Territorial Relations Division
  • Access to Information and Privacy Office

Public Affairs and Civic Education, Executive Director

Susan Torosian

  • Research, Consultation and Civic Education
  • Marketing and Corporate Communications
  • Media Relations and Environmental Monitoring
  • Web and Public Enquiries

Office of the Chief Planning and Audit Officer, Chief Planning and Audit Officer

Jennifer Paquet

  • Corporate Planning and Reporting
  • Corporate Performance and Risk Management
  • Internal Audit

Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Chief Financial Officer

Marc Limoges

  • Procurement, Facilities and Workplace Innovation
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • Centralized Administrative and Financial Services Unit