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2015–16 Departmental Performance Report

New Legislation

Legislation Enacted Within the Past Fiscal Year (FY2015–16)

Bill, Details and Impact
Bill Details and Impact
C-586 – An Act to amend the Canada Elections Act and the Parliament of Canada Act (candidacy and caucus reforms) In relevant part, this enactment amends the Canada Elections Act to provide that the chief agent of every party is to report, in writing, to the Chief Electoral Officer the names of the person or persons authorized by the party to endorse prospective candidates. Bill C-586 received Royal Assent on June 23, 2015.

Legislation Before Parliament

The 41st Parliament was dissolved on August 2, 2015, terminating all bills pending before both the House of Commons and the Senate. The 42nd Parliament was convened on December 3, 2015. Among the bills currently before Parliament, 7 private members’ bills may have an impact on Elections Canada’s affairs.

Bill, Details and Impact
Bill Details and Impact
Private members' bills

Six private members’ bills propose amendments to the Canada Elections Act: Bill C-213, lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 years of age; Bill C-237, reducing the reimbursement of parties for their election expenses if there is more than a 10% difference in the number of male and female candidates on their list of candidates for a general election; Bill C-279, specifying the maximum duration of an election period; Bill C-295, allowing all Canadian citizens to vote in a federal election, regardless of their place of residence; Bill C-297, changing the voting hours across Canada; Bill C-298, changing the voting hours in the Pacific time zone.

A private member’s bill (C-212) would amend the Parliament of Canada Act to trigger a by-election when an MP changes political parties (if elected as a member of another party) or joins a party (if elected as an independent).