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Public Opinion Survey Following the March 19th, 2012 By-election in Toronto–Danforth (Ontario)


This section explores the perceived fairness of Elections Canada in conducting the by-election.

Most View Conduct of By-election as Fair

The perception that the March 19th by-election was conducted by Elections Canada in a fair manner was widespread. Fully 89% of respondents felt that Elections Canada ran the by-election fairly, with three-quarters (75%) saying very fairly (compared to 65% in the 2011 general election). A small proportion of respondents (2%) felt that the by-election was not conducted fairly, while 10% were unsure or did not venture an opinion.

Perceived Fairness of By-election
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Sociodemographic differences

The following were most apt to think the by-election was conducted very fairly: electors born in Canada (77%), those who are employed (79%), those who completed some post-secondary education (87%) or attained a university degree (77%), as well as electors with household incomes of $100,000 or more (82%).