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National Electors Study: Report on Voter Information Campaign and Elector Awareness

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Evaluation of the Voter Information Campaign for the 43rd Federal General Election

Voter Information Campaign for the 43rd general election

National multimedia campaign informing Canadians about where, when and the ways to register and vote. The advertising campaign included TV, radio, print, billboards, digital and social media ads. Some ads such as TV spots were available in 26 languages.

National Electors Study on the 43rd general election

Electors were surveyed up to three times about their awareness of the election and the voting process:
Before the election During the election After the election
49,993 electors 23,880 electors 21,435 electors

Elections Canada as a Source of Information on Voting

Satisfaction with information increased as more electors recalled being exposed to the Voter Information Campaign
Early in the election During the election By election day After the election
68% 71% 88% 93% 94% 95%
21% 36% 75% 81% 81% 66%

Among electors who, after the election, recalled seeing or hearing an Elections Canada ad or communication, 56% said they saw it on television, 38% saw it on a postcard or brochure in the mail, 34% heard it on the radio and 29% saw it on social media.

Electors recognized Elections Canada as the authoritative source of information on voting

Visit for the offical information you need to vote

1-800-463-6868 / /
TTY 1-800-361-8935

Electors who said Elections Canada is the organization that first comes to mind for information on when and where to vote

Before the election
said Elections Canada
After the election
said Elections Canada

Electors who agreed that Elections Canada is the most trusted source of information about the electoral process

Before the election
strongly agreed 42%
After the election
strongly agreed 57%

Electors' Knowledge of the Voting Process

Knowledge of voter registration (After the election)

  • 73% of electors knew they needed to be registered to vote
  • 87% knew they needed to update their registration information if it changed
  • 68% knew they could update or complete their voter registration on the Elections Canada website
  • 71% knew they could register at the polling place on election day

Knowledge of voter identification requirements

After the election, more electors knew that in order to vote, they needed to present:
Before the election After the election
Proof of identity 93% 97%
Proof of address 83% 91%

Knowledge of voting methods

After the election, more electors were aware of the different ways to vote:
Before the election After the election
At the polling station on election day 84% 91%
At an advance polling station 42% 71%
By mail 19% 23%