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Survey of Third Parties (December 2–January 12, 2020)

Elections Canada wants to get feedback from entities that were registered as third parties in the last general election.

The aim of the survey is to assess the views and experiences of third parties' regarding various aspects of elections and the 43rd general election in particular, including:

  • attitudes toward Elections Canada and the electoral process;
  • registration and reporting requirements;
  • Elections Canada products, tools and services; and
  • policy issues.

Who is conducting this survey?

Forum Research

How is this survey administered?

A polling firm will contact all third parties on behalf of Elections Canada by phone and invite them to participate in the survey.

Third parties can complete the survey by phone or online.

Who can complete this survey?

All third parties registered in the last general election.

How was the contact information of third parties found?

It was taken from the registration forms of third parties provided to the agency. Similar information was publicly available on the Elections Canada website during the election.

Elections Canada provided this information to the polling firm.

Still unsure about a survey request you received?

If you were an agent of a registered third party during the 43rd general election and received a phone invitation from a polling firm on behalf of Elections Canada in the months following election day, it is very likely that you were invited to participate in Elections Canada's Survey of Third Parties.

Contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 for more information.