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Survey of Special Ballot Voters (From the launch of the election to mid-November)

Elections Canada wants feedback from electors who voted by special ballot in the 2019 federal election.

We want to better understand:

  • how aware electors were of voting by special ballot;
  • where they learned about this voting method;
  • their voting experience (timing, ease, satisfaction); and
  • why they voted by special ballot.

Who is conducting this survey?

Advanis, an independent polling firm, is conducting this survey.

How is this survey administered?

When you vote by special ballot, you will be given a postcard with a web link that allows you to access an online questionnaire.

If you vote by special ballot in person, you will be given the postcard by the election officer who served you.

If you vote by mail, you will receive the postcard inside the special ballot kit.

You will be asked to complete the survey online.

Who can complete the survey?

Eligible electors who used a special ballot to cast their vote can take part in the survey.

This includes electors who voted:

  • at an Elections Canada office during the election period;
  • at an Elections Canada office located on the campus of a post-secondary institution;Note 1
  • during a short-term stay in an acute care facility, such as a hospital;
  • at home (a home visit);
  • on a Canadian Armed Forces base (Canadian Forces electors only); or
  • by mail.

How was my contact information found?

We do not have your contact information.

If you voted by special ballot, you received a generic invitation to participate in the survey when you voted.

Still unsure about a survey request you received?

Contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 for more information.

Note 1: Electors who voted on campus may also receive an invitation to complete the Survey of Campus Electors. Their participation is important in both surveys.