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Survey of Election Officers (December 9, 2019 to January 24, 2020)

Elections Canada wants to get feedback from election officers, such as poll workers and recruitment officers, who worked during the last general election.

The aim of the survey is to get a better understanding of election officers':

  • attitudes toward Elections Canada and its service model;
  • level of preparation and training, including for exceptional procedures;
  • satisfaction with Elections Canada's services and materials, including the new ballot paper;
  • attitudes toward technology at the polls;
  • work experience in other jurisdictions;
  • working conditions; and
  • process of recruitment.

Who is conducting this survey?

Phoenix SPI, an independent polling firm, is conducting this survey.

How is this survey administered?

Phoenix SPI will contact you by phone for an interview.

You can complete the survey by phone or online.

Who can complete this survey?

The survey is conducted among those who worked as:

  • deputy returning officers
  • central poll supervisors
  • information officers
  • poll clerks
  • registration officers
  • recruitment officers
  • assistant recruitment officers

However, not all election officers are contacted, since they are randomly selected.

How was my contact information found?

It was extracted from Elections Canada's pay system.

Elections Canada then provided it to Phoenix SPI.

Still unsure about a survey request you received?

If you worked as an election officer during the 43rd general election and received an invitation over the phone from Phoenix SPI in December 2019 or January 2020, it is very likely that you were invited to participate in Elections Canada's Survey of Election Officers.

Contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 for more information.