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Survey of Electors (June to early July, September to mid-November)

Elections Canada wants feedback from people who are eligible to vote during the federal election.

The survey will assess:

  • what electors expect when they go to vote, what they know about elections and politics, their opinion on policy and if they’re already planning to vote before the election is called (June–July 2019);
  • what electors thought of the election campaign and the voter information campaign (September–October 2019);
  • electors’ experience and satisfaction with Elections Canada’s services and the overall administration of the election (late October and November 2019).

The findings will help us evaluate our performance, programs and services. We will use the information to make improvements. The Chief Electoral Officer also uses the data to help him make recommendations to Parliament.

Who is conducting this survey?

This survey is part of the National Elector Study. Advanis, an independent market and social research firm, conducts the survey for us. Phoenix SPI, another Canadian public opinion research firm, works with Advanis on the Survey of Electors.

How is this survey administered?

Advanis contacts the respondents, who were randomly selected based on their phone numbers.

The Survey of Electors includes three waves:

  • Before the campaign:
    • June 17 to July 5, 2019
    • phone and web
  • During the campaign:
    • September 1 to October 20, 2019
    • web only
  • After the campaign:
    • October 22 to November 29, 2019
    • phone and web

Advanis will not call respondents during the election campaign. Respondents who answered a phone survey in June will be contacted again in October or November only.

Who can complete the survey?

Only eligible electors who are contacted by Advanis can complete the survey. If you were contacted, you were selected using a random selection process or a web panel service. People who are not contacted by Advanis cannot take part in the survey.

How was my contact information found?

Elections Canada does not have your telephone or email contact information. We do not share information from the National Register of Electors with polling firms.

Landline telephone numbers are selected at random using area codes, phone exchanges, and a random number generator. Cellular telephone numbers are selected at random using rate centres and a random number generator. Some respondents were contacted through a web panel service they subscribe to, or because they agreed to take part in surveys from TellCityHall, an Advanis survey service available to government and non-profit organizations.

No phone calls will be made during the election period; you will be contacted either by SMS or email.

Still unsure about a survey request you received?

Contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 for more information.