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Survey of Candidates (October 22 – November 30, 2019)

Elections Canada is seeking feedback from candidates who ran in the last general election.

The aim of the survey is to get a better understanding of candidates':

  • attitudes and beliefs, including trust, toward Elections Canada and the electoral process;
  • satisfaction with the services and tools provided by Elections Canada, including the online portal; and
  • perspectives on policy issues involving, e.g. technology, political financing, privacy, disinformation, pre-writ and campaign periods.

Who is conducting this survey?

EKOS Research Associates Inc., an independent polling firm, is conducting this survey.

How is this survey administered?

The Chief Electoral Officer will send you a letter to invite you to participate.

EKOS Research Associates Inc. will then contact you by phone for an interview.

Who can complete the survey?

All candidates in the last general election are asked to complete it on a voluntary basis.

How was my contact information found?

It was taken from the candidates' nomination papers provided to the returning officers.

Elections Canada provided your information to EKOS Research Associates Inc.

Still unsure about a survey request you received?

If you ran as a candidate in the last general election and received a phone invitation from EKOS Research Associates Inc. in the weeks following election day, it is very likely that you were invited to participate in Elections Canada's Survey of Candidates.

Contact Elections Canada at 1-800-463-6868 for more information.