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Register via Canada Revenue Agency tax form


Register via Canada Revenue Agency tax form


Open with animated text: Get ready for the 2019 federal election

Transition into a ballot box, a stylized ballot drops into the box. Animated text: Are you a Canadian citizen, 18 or older? Have you registered to vote?

Transition to computer screen. A cursor appears and clicks the screen as though it is a button.

Cursor changes into a check mark. Animated text: Register online at

Laptop closes and changes into a square. Animated text: Or tick “yes” on your tax form.

The word “YES” appears on screen beside the box. A pencil checks the box.

Zoom out to show the tax form with two “yes” boxes checked.

Transition to reveal the two methods of confirmation of details and registration. Animated text: Click or Tick.

Icons transition into a ballot box. Animated text: It’s that easy

Transition to URL and Elections Canada logo.


Social media – Facebook, Instagram


eligible Canadian electors, including Indigenous electors, tax preparers


March – April 2019

Total campaign budget:

$75,000; social media ads account for 64% of the campaign


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