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Official election information – September 20, 2021 federal election

To ensure that Canadians can exercise their democratic right to vote, Elections Canada conducts a voter information campaign during federal elections to give Canadians all the information they need on where, when and the ways to register and vote.

Communication products for the campaign have consistent messages and a common look and feel. They target the general population and groups that face the greatest barriers to participating in elections: youthnew CanadiansIndigenous electors and people with disabilities.

We have an online repository that contains most of Elections Canada's advertising and communication products for the 44th general election. If you see something that says it's from Elections Canada and you want to confirm that it's really from us, check here.

The repository doesn't include our social media posts—you can see those on our social media channels. Just click on the "Social media accounts" button below under "Other communications tools."

Elections Canada never texts or calls electors about where and when to vote. We also never share your phone number with political parties.

If you see something that says it's from Elections Canada but is not included in the repository or on our social media channels, it may have incorrect information. Please contact us to let us know or to share any questions or concerns.

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