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Early voting options


Early voting options


visual: Scene opens outside an airport. A young woman is getting out of a car. She is putting her carry-on bag over her shoulder. She closes the car door.

super: Federal Election | Monday, October 21 appears.

Announcer 1 vo: The federal election is on October 21st.

visual: Date fades. Scene pans to behind the car. A young man is taking luggage out of the trunk of a car and handing it to the young woman. Smiling, she takes her luggage from him. They hug. Scene cuts to the young woman as she walks down a busy hallway in the airport. She stops and checks the flight departures screen. Scene changes to close-up on back view of nurse in a hospital corridor

Announcer 1 vo: If you think you'll be away from home or too busy on election day, you can vote early.

visual: Cut to front view of the nurse walking, she is holding a clipboard and checking patient charts. Scene changes to a home renovation setting. A man in his thirties is holding a long piece of wood flooring and looking at something off-camera. A sander, boxes of flooring and paint are in the background. Camera angle changes to show a woman in her thirties backing into the scene through plastic curtains. She is holding a cardboard box and turns to face the man.

Announcer 1 vo: Advance polls will be open from October 11th to 14th.

visual: Scene cuts back to hospital. A patient, a middle-aged woman, is lying in a hospital bed. Scene pans around to show the nurse walking towards the patient, holding the chart and smiling. Close-up on nurse as she leans in to speak to her patient.

Announcer 1 vo: Check your voter information card, or visit, for all the ways you can vote.

visual: Cut back to renovation scene, close-up on young man's hands as he installs a piece of wood flooring. Camera pans back to show the woman in the background, she leans in and hugs him from behind.

Announcer 1 vo: It's Our Vote!

visual: Scene cuts back to airport scene, close-up on the young woman sitting in the waiting area, holding a coffee and smiling into the camera. Cut back to close-up on young man in renovation scene. He is smiling. Cut back to close-up on nurse. She is smiling.

Announcer 2 vo: For the official information you need to vote, visit or call 1-800-463-6868.

visual: Screen fills with transparent X's. Fade to black as the X's fill with colour and meet to form one large X with the tagline: "It's Our Vote." The tagline fades while the X flies off to settle into the X in the Elections Canada logo which appears on screen. The URL appears on screen, followed by the toll-free number 1-800-463-6868.


various television stations


general population, ethnic communities, Indigenous electors


October 2019

Total campaign budget:

$12,382,093; television ads account for 21% of the campaign
Also available in ethnocultural languages.


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