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Compliance Review: Final Report and Recommendations

Annex F – Mandate of Reviewer

  1. Act as an independent expert to conduct a compliance review of the registration and voting processes, guided by analysis of the evidence of irregularities that occurred during the May 2011 general election in the electoral district of Etobicoke Centre.
  2. Oversee the design and conduct of detailed conformity audits that will determine the extent of documented non-compliance with voter registration and identity vouching procedures.Footnote 35
  3. Perform an analysis of the roles, responsibilities and compliance requirements for each type of election officer present at polling locations on Election Day.
  4. Assess procedures related to the recruitment, hiring and training of these election officers as well as for the management and support staff who work in the returning offices.
  5. Assess practices related to the return of voting and registration materials from returning offices to Elections Canada headquarters in Ottawa.
  6. Identify the cause, or causes, of procedural non-compliance by elections officers on Election Day.
  7. Prepare recommendations regarding the most effective solution, or solutions, to address the cause, or causes, of non-compliance and, if necessary, include identification of required legislative changes needed to implement those recommendations.
  8. Provide a final report and presentation detailing the cause, or causes, of non-compliance errors and specific recommendations on what may be done to minimize irregularities in time for the next election in 2015, and beyond.


The compliance review shall not require any consideration of roles and responsibilities for elections officers performing duties associated with:

  • Voting in the Returning Office;
  • Voting by Mail;
  • Canadian Forces Voting;
  • Advance Poll Voting; or
  • Mobile Poll Voting.

Footnote 35 Compliance problems with voter registration and vouching were the central issues raised in the Etobicoke Centre election challenge case.