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Compliance Review: Final Report and Recommendations

Annex A – Table of Legislated Responsibilities for Election Officers

No. Officer Duty or power CEA Ref.
1 CPS or DRO Post notice of poll in polling place 64(3)
2 DRO Receive from Returning Officer ballot papers, material for marking ballots, templates, copies of Chief Electoral Officer's instructions, list of electors, ballot box, envelopes, supplies, etc. 119(1)
3 DRO Safekeeping of materials received from Returning Officer 119(2)
4 CPS Attend central polling place to supervise proceedings and keep the Returning Officer informed of any matter that may affect proceedings 124(2)
5 IO Provide information to the electors 124 (1)(a)
6 DRO Receive from candidates' representatives written authorizations for acting as scrutineers 135(2)
7 DRO Administer oath of secrecy to candidates' representatives 135(4)
8 DRO Before opening of polling station, initial back of all ballot papers in presence of scrutineers 138(1)
9 DRO If requested by scrutineers, before poll is opened, count all ballot papers intended to be used 139
10 DRO At opening of poll, open ballot box and ascertain it is empty in front of scrutineers, seal box and put it on table 140
11 DRO Call electors to vote 141
12 DRO Ensure that every elector is admitted into polling station and that electors are not disturbed in or near polling station 142(1)
13 DRO If thought advisable, direct that not more than one elector for each voting compartment may enter the room where voting is held 142(2)
14 DRO and PC Ensure that each elector, upon arriving at the polling station, declares his or her name and address 143(1)
15 PC Ascertain that each elector's name is on the voters' list, or is entitled to vote under ss. 146 to 149 therefore requiring a prescribed oath 143(2)
16 DRO and PC Receive from each elector proof of identity and address meeting established criteria 143(2)
17 DRO Administer oath to voter with no ID (person being vouched for), and to a corresponding elector with ID (voucher) who must be registered in the same polling division, and who vouches for such elector's identity and address 143(3)
18 DRO and PC Require elector, if having reasonable doubts as to residence of elector, to swear an oath as to residence 143(3.2)
19 DRO and PC If satisfied that registered elector's identity and residence have been proven, cross elector's name off list and allow vote 143(4)
20 DRO and PC Ensure that no voucher vouches for more than one other elector 143(5)
21 DRO Advise oath taker of voter qualification and of penalties for violating Elections Act 143.1
22 DRO and PC Require elector, if having reasonable doubt as to voter's qualification, to take a prescribed oath 144
23 DRO Administer prescribed oath to voter whose qualification is in doubt 144
24 DRO Administer prescribed oath to voter in case of a mistake in the relevant entry of list of electors 146
25 DRO Administer prescribed oath to person requesting to vote if another person has already voted under that name 147
26 DRO Administer prescribed oath to elector who claims that his or her name has been crossed off the list of electors in error, under subsection 176 (2) or (3) regarding advance voters 148
27 DRO Refuse ballot to an elector who refuses to take prescribed oaths 148.1
28 DRO Receive transfer certificates from electors 149a)
29 DRO Ascertain with the Returning Officer, that an elector, whose name is missing from the list of electors at the polling station, is properly listed on the preliminary list of electors or was registered during revision period 149b)
30 DRO Receive registration certificates from voters with transfer certificates 149c)
31 DRO Hand ballot paper to qualified elector 150(1)
32 DRO Explain to each elector how to indicate his or her choice 150(2)
33 DRO Fold the ballot so that its serial number and the initials of the deputy returning officer are visible 150(2)
34 DRO Direct electors how to mark the ballot and to return the marked ballot folded as when provided 150(2)
35 DRO Receive marked ballots from voters 151(1)(d)
36 DRO On receiving ballot from voter, verify that it is the same ballot that was handed to the elector by examining serial number on the counterfoil and DRO initials on the back of the ballot 151(2)
37 DRO Remove and destroy the counterfoil in full view of the elector and all other persons present 151(2b)
38 DRO Return the ballot to elector to deposit in the ballot box or, at elector's request, deposit it in the ballot box 151(2c)
39 DRO Mark inadvertently handled ballot as spoiled, place it in envelope and give elector another ballot 152(1)
40 DRO Allow qualified elector who is in polling station or in line at the door at close of voting hours, to vote 153(2)
41 DRO and PC Assist electors unable to vote because of illiteracy or a physical disability 154(1)
42 DRO Provide a template to an elector who has a visual impairment 154(2)
43 DRO Administer prescribed oath to person who wishes to assist an elector in marking ballot 155(3)
44 DRO May appoint and swear a language or sign language interpreter to assist DRO in communicating information to electors 156
45 DRO Receive from RO transfer certificates of electors delivered to electors whose name is on the list of electors for polling station 160(e)
46 Reg Officer Receive applications for polling day registration made at registration desk 161(2)(a)
47 DRO If so authorized, receive applications for polling day registration made at polling station 161(2)(b)
48 Reg Officer Permit one candidate representative (scrutineer) of each candidate to be present to observe registration proceedings at the registration desk 161(3)
49 Reg Officer or DRO Check whether applicant satisfies requirements for polling day registration (ID) 161(4)
50 Reg Officer or DRO When requirements satisfied, complete registration certificate and require elector to sign the certificate 161(4)
51 Reg Officer or DRO Administer oath to registering elector being vouched for and to elector vouching for elector 161.1
52 Reg Officer or DRO Advise oath taker of the qualifications for electors. 161.1
53 DRO Direct poll clerk to make entries in prescribed form 162(a)
54 PC Make entries in prescribed form as directed by DRO 162a)
55 PC Indicate, beside the name of the elector on the list of electors, that elector has voted 162(b)
56 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has voted under a transfer certificate and give number of certificate 162(c)
57 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has voted, under par. 149(b), without his or her name being on official list of electors 162(d)
58 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has voted under s. 146 162(e)
59 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has taken an oath and the type of oath 162(f)
60 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector refused to provide ID referred to in par. 143(2)(a) or (b), or to take an oath 162(g)
61 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has been allowed to vote under ss. 148.1(2) 162(h)
62 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has voted under s. 147, and that oaths have been taken 162(i)
63 PC Indicate also any objection made on behalf of any of the candidates to a person voting under s. 147 and indicate the candidate's name 162(i)
64 PC Every 30 minutes, provide to candidate's representatives identity of electors who voted on polling day, except voters who registered on that day 162(i.1)
65 PC Indicate on prescribed form that elector has voted under a registration certificate issued under ss. 161(4) 162(j)
66 DRO and PC Maintain the secrecy of the vote 163(1)
67 DRO Draw attention of elector to an offence committed regarding secrecy of voting and to punishment applicable for such offence 164(3)
68 DRO Abstain from initialing any papers except ballots that could be used as ballots, or making any mark on any ballot that would allow the vote to be identified with a particular elector 167(3)
69 DRO Immediately after the close of the polling station, count the votes in the presence of the poll clerk and candidate representatives, and if no candidate representatives are present, in the presence of at least two electors 283(1)
70 DRO Supply poll clerk, and all the persons present and who so request, with a tally sheet to keep their own score of the voting. 283(2)
71 DRO Count number of electors who voted at polling station, 283(3)(a)
72 DRO Make an entry at end of list of electors stating number of electors who voted in polling station 283(3)(a)
73 DRO Sign list of electors and place it in envelope 283(3)(a)
74 DRO Count spoiled ballots, place them in envelope, indicate on envelope number of spoiled ballots, and seal it 283(3)(b)
75 DRO Count unused ballots not detached from books of ballots, place them with stubs of used ballots in envelope supplied for the purpose, 283(3)(c)
76 DRO Indicate on envelope number of unused ballots and seal the envelope 283(3)(c)
77 DRO Total numbers arrived as above in order to ascertain that all ballots provided by RO are accounted for and counts reconcile 283(3)(d)
78 DRO Open ballot box and empty its contents onto a table 283(3)(e)
79 DRO Examine each ballot, show ballot to persons present 283 (3)(f)
80 DRO Ask poll clerk to make note on tally sheet beside name of candidate for whom vote was cast 283(3)(f)
81 DRO Reject any ballot paper not supplied by him or her 284(1)(a)
82 DRO Reject ballot paper not marked in a circle at the right of candidates' names 284(1b)
83 DRO Reject ballot paper marked for a person who is not a candidate (s. 76) 284(1)(c)
84 DRO Reject ballot paper marked in more than one circle at the right of the candidates' names 284(1)(d)
85 DRO Reject ballot paper on which there is any writing or mark by which the elector could be identified 284(1)(e)
86 DRO When ballot found with counterfoil attached, remove and destroy counterfoil while concealing number on it and without examining it 284(3)
87 DRO Initial and count ballot that was not previously initialed, if satisfied that it is a valid ballot 285
88 DRO Keep record, of every objection to a ballot, give a number to the objection, write that number on the ballot and initial it 286(1)
89 DRO Decide every question that is raised by an objection made by a candidate or his or her representatives 286(2)
90 DRO Prepare a statement of the vote, setting out number of votes for each candidate, and the number of rejected ballots 287(1)
91 DRO Place original statement of vote and a copy of it in separate envelopes 287(1)
92 DRO Give a copy of statement of the vote to each of the candidate's representatives present at the count 287(2)
93 DRO Place ballots for each candidate into separate envelopes, write on each envelope name of candidate and number of votes received, and seal it 288(1)
94 DRO and PC Sign the seal on each envelope of ballots per candidate, and allow witnesses to sign as well 288(1)
95 DRO Place into separate envelopes rejected ballots, registration certificates and list of electors, and seal each of the envelopes 288(2)
96 DRO Seal, in a large supplied envelope, the envelopes containing marked ballots for candidates, spoiled ballots, unused ballots, rejected ballots, and official list of electors 288(3a)
97 DRO Seal in a large envelope any other election documents, except envelopes containing statements of the vote and registration certificates 288(3b)
98 DRO Place large envelope in ballot box and envelope that contains a copy of the statement of the vote 288(4)
99 DRO Seal the ballot box 288(5)
100 DRO Send ballot box, with envelope containing original statement of vote and envelope containing registration certificates, to Returning Officer 290(1)
102 DRO or CPS Maintain order during voting hours 479(2)
103 DRO or CPS Cause to be removed any partisan material, contrary to sec. 166(1)(a) or (b), from the polling place 479(7)

Abbreviation Legend:

CEA = Canada Elections Act
CPS = Central Poll Supervisor
DRO = Deputy Returning Officer
IO = Information Officer
PC = Poll Clerk
Reg Officer = Registration Officer