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List of Field Liaison Officers

In accordance with the Canada Elections Act, field liaison officers (FLOs) are responsible, under the Chief Electoral Officer's general direction, and in respect of the geographical area (region) to which they are assigned, for providing support to returning officers (ROs) and acting as intermediary between ROs and the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer. Each FLO is responsible for providing advice and support to Elections Canada (EC) and to the ROs for a region, which is composed of approximately 10 to 14 electoral districts, usually near his or her home.

List of Field Liaison Officers
FLO Name FLO Region Name Appointment date
Mr. Sidney Friesen Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba Mar. 6, 2024
Ms. Lori Gotlieb Toronto Central July 28, 2023
Ms. Isabel Collins Newfoundland and Labrador Feb. 28, 2023
Mr. Radu Kaufman Montréal West-Laval Jan. 18, 2023
Mr. Gordon Swan Rural British Columbia Nov. 1, 2022
Ms. Alice Keenan South Central Ontario Aug. 16, 2021
Mr. Ward Baskett Northern Alberta Feb. 1, 2020
Ms. Brigitte Giesbrecht Southern Manitoba Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Brigitte Stock Montréal East–South Shore Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Colleen Rogers Nova Scotia Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Debra Fraser Vancouver and Lower Mainland Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Diane Prévost Estrie–Central Quebec–Montérégie Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Georgina Lupton Southern Ontario 2 Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Glenda Day Toronto West Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Guillaume Donati Québec–Chaudière-Appalaches Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Jean-Denis Godbout Eastern Quebec Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Joan O’Neill Eastern Ontario Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Kelly Richter Southern Saskatchewan Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Kevin Branswell Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Lloyd Robert Dalziel Northern Saskatchewan and Manitoba Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Lori Sutinen Northern Ontario Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Luc Nadon Lanaudière–Mauricie Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Marie Poirier North and West Quebec Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Nicole MacRae Southern Ontario 1 Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Ann Boiteau Calgary and Southern Alberta Jul. 18, 2019
Mr. Ron Phillip South Lower Mainland–Fraser Valley Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Ruth Sorrentino Edmonton and Central Alberta Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Ralph Canale Brampton–Mississauga Oct 5, 2017
Ms. Sharon Steel South Eastern Ontario Dec. 1, 2016
Mr. Ted Rytwinski Durham–Scarborough Dec. 1, 2016
Ms. Jacquie Bishop Southwestern Ontario May 15, 2017
Mr. Rodney Rockliff Vancouver Island and North Sunshine Coast Sept. 1, 2017