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Quarterly Allowances to the Registered Political Parties (2004)

Advance paid in
January 2004
(Jan. 1–Dec. 31, 2004)

(Based on the 37th GE)
3rd Quarter
(Jul.–Sept. 2004)
Payable or (receivable)

(Based on the 38th GE)
4th Quarter
(Oct.–Dec. 2004)
Payable Jan. 2005

(Based on the 38th GE)
Total paid
Bloc Québécois
Conservative Party of Canada
Green Party of Canada
Liberal Party of Canada
New Democratic Party

In accordance with section 435.01 of the Canada Elections Act, the payments made in January 2004 representing an advance on the quarterly allowances payable in that year were calculated based on the number of votes each party received at the 37th general election multiplied by $1.75 ($0.4375 on a quarterly basis) per valid vote received by each qualifying party, to arrive at the amount owing for the year. Following the 38th general election, adjustments were required to be made to the allowances already paid, starting with the first quarter following the election. The adjustments to the amounts already paid are based on $0.4375 per valid vote received by each qualifying party. The amount obtained was adjusted by using the inflation adjustment factor in effect on April 1, 2004, of 1.028.