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How to Get Started with EFR


Welcome to this module on "How to Get Started with EFR."

The objective of this module is to show you how to begin using EFR and create a profile.

  • Click New to begin
  • This wizard will guide you through the steps to create a financial return, beginning with creating your political entity's profile
  • Click Next to continue
  • Select the type of financial return you would like to create. For the purposes of this video, the Registered Association Annual Return will be selected. Click Next to continue
  • Select a fiscal year. Click Next to continue
  • Review the details of the fiscal year. If you need to change the default details, you may do so now. Click Next to continue
  • Enter the details of the registered association. Please note that underlined fields are mandatory
  • Click Next to continue
  • Click Add to add an agent
  • Enter the details of the financial agent. Click Next to continue
  • The wizard has gathered the necessary information to create the financial return
  • Click Finish to complete
  • You have now created the profile of your political entity. You may modify it at any time

If you need help or have questions about EFR that were not covered in this module:

  • View other available modules
  • Consult the EFR User Guide found in EFR's help menu
  • Call the Political Entities Support Network at 1-800-486-6563
  • E-mail your enquiry to