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Forms for Nomination Contestants

* Documents in PDF format require the software Adobe Reader. Click here to download it from the Adobe Web site.

Financial Forms
Form Number Name of Form For contests that began
on or after
June 13, 2019*
EC 20171 Nomination Contestant's Campaign Return
Electronic Financial Return (EFR)
EC 20175 Nomination Contestant's Statement of Expenses Form
EC 20001 Nomination Contestant's Statement of Unpaid Claims and Loans 18 or 36 Months After the Selection Date Form
EC 20051 Nomination Contestant's Statement of Surplus/Amended Campaign Return Form
EC 20034 Nomination Contestant's Statement of Surplus, Where a Nomination Contestant's Campaign Return Was Not Required Form

*For contests that began before June 13, 2019, please call the Political Entities Support Network at 1-800-486-6563.

Request Forms
Form Number Name of Form Documents
EC 20004-B Request for Extension of Filing Deadline Form
EC 20006-B Request for Amendment Form
EC 20005 Request for Authorization to Pay an Unpaid Claim or Loan Form

Other Forms
Form Number Name of Form Documents
N/A Access to Banking Services by the Nomination Contestant's Financial Agent (Canadian Bankers Association and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) Form with Instructions
EC 20079 Receipt for a Contribution to a Nomination Contestant Form
EC 20154 General Solicitation Contributions Record Keeping – Anonymous Contributions of $20 or Less Form
N/A Voucher Cover Page Template Form
EC 20187 Report of Updated Information – Nomination Contestant Form with Instructions