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Nomination Contest Report (EC 20188) – Instructions

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When to use this form

This form is mandatory if a nomination contest was held. A nomination contest is a contest that was open to more than one person, even if only one person entered. The registered party or the registered association that held the contest must file this report to Elections Canada within 30 days after the contest selection date.

Important reminder

If you are using a standard PDF reader, the information entered in the form cannot be saved. Be sure to print all completed pages before closing the window.

Tips for completing this form

Part 1

Sections A to C

Provide information about the nomination contest, the name of the person selected, and the political entity submitting the report. The political entity that must submit the report is the entity that held the contest. For a list of electoral district codes and names, refer to the annex that applies to the purpose of the contest you held (to select a candidate for either a by-election or specific general election):

Sections D and E

The representative who completed the report must provide their information and declaration.

Part 2

Complete a Part 2 for each nomination contestant in the contest.

If a financial agent was appointed, provide their information. A financial agent does not need to be appointed if the campaign did not accept any contributions, loans or transfers and did not incur any nomination campaign expenses.

If an auditor was appointed, provide their information. An auditor does not need to be appointed unless the campaign accepts contributions totalling $10,000 or more, or incurs nomination campaign expenses totalling $10,000 or more.

Resources and support

For more information, please refer to the Political Financing Handbook for Registered Parties and Chief Agents (EC 20231) or the Political Financing Handbook for Electoral District Associations and Financial Agents (EC 20089).

If you are not sure how to complete this form or you have any questions, call the Political Entities Support Network at 1-800-486-6563.

Where to send the form

This form, and any supporting documentation, can be sent by email (in PDF format), courier, mail or fax.



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