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Guidance for Candidates: Political Entities Service Centre Product Access

Political Entities Service Centre

Candidates and their teams can safely access electoral products for their campaign through the Political Entities Service Centre (PESC) portal, without needing to visit the local returning office in person.

After you log in, you can find products under the Tools, Documents and Forms tab of the main web page.

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Arrows are pointing to the Tools, Documents and Forms link in the navigational bar, and the View and Download Electoral Documents button.

Product availability

Some documents are available at any time, while others become available on a specific date in the electoral calendar (see the table on the next page). Political parties and members of Parliament can also access materials through the PESC portal.

Searching for products

You can search for products using keywords in the search bar above the product list. If you're not sure what the document's name is, enter an asterisk (*) before your words to search for partial text.

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Image of the search bar

If you do not know the product name, the category filter on the left of the page can help you narrow your search to one or more types of products. For example, if you are looking for the Revised List of Electors for your electoral district, you can select the Lists of Electors filter, click on Apply, and only the items available under this category will appear.

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Election Materials, Lists of Electors, Maps and Polling Locations, Political Financing and Training Materials

Accessing the product

When you click on the file name, either the product will be immediately downloaded to your device or the system will ask your permission to be redirected to an external website where the product is located.

Note that the following table provides an overview of materials available to Confirmed Candidates on the PESC portal. The product list and availability dates are subject to change.

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Image of the product list in the Tools, Documents and Forms page

Document Availability by Event Date
Notice to Candidates On issue of writ
Access to Public Places and Residential Dwellings by Candidates On issue of writ
Authorization of a Candidate’s Representative On issue of writ
Maps and Reports ASAP after issue of writ
Special Voting Rules – Guidelines for Candidates’ Representatives ASAP after issue of writ
Candidates, Registered Associations and Registered Parties Selection Guidelines for Recommending Election Officers (Service Agents) ASAP after issue of writ
Information for Official Agents of Candidates in Previous Elections 1 day after issue of writ
Preliminary List of Electors (PLE) Approx. 3 days after issue of writ
Notice of Election No later than 4 days after issue of writ
Preliminary Election Expenses Limits for Candidates 5 days after issue of writ
Statement of Quality of the List of Electors Day 25
Event Map Viewer Day 24
Event Map Viewer User’s Guide Day 24
List of Polling Locations Report – Confirmed Candidates Day 24
Updated Preliminary Lists of Electors Day 19
Information for Candidates Day 17
Notice of Advance Poll Day 16
Notice of Grant of a Poll Day 16
Notice of Voting in Seniors Residences and Long-term Care Facilities Day 13
Revised List of Electors (RLE) Day 11
Information about Sequence Sheets for Advanced Polls Day 10
Sequence Number Sheet – Advance Polls – Days 10 through 7 Every day, Days 9 to 6
Final Election Expenses Limits for Candidates Day 7
CEO Invitation Letter for the Survey of Candidates Day 3
Official List of Electors (OLE) Day 3
Results of Voting Report Day -4 or later
Poll by Poll Results Report Day -4 or later
Sequence Numbers of Electors Who Voted – Confirmed Candidates and Political Parties 3–4 months after election