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Update to COVID-19 Protocols for Observing Voting Operations at Polling Places and Offices – October 2022

COVID-19 Protocols and Measures

Following updates to public health guidelines, Elections Canada will no longer be enforcing a mandatory mask mandate in returning offices, additional assistant returning offices or polling places (unless required by the provincial or local public health authority or the landlord renting facilities to Elections Canada).

As a result, despite the Additional Guidelines for Observing Voting Operations at Ordinary and Advance Polling Places (EC 20045A) and Guidelines for Observing Special Ballot Voting Operations and Special Ballot Verification and Counting at Returning Offices (EC 78058), the following changes to protocols and measures will apply in polling places and offices starting in October 2022:

  • Masks will be available at all polling places and offices for voluntary use.
  • Electors and candidates' representatives will be required to wear masks only if required by provincial or local guidelines in effect. They may choose to use the available masks if desired.
  • An Entry Register for contact tracing purposes will be used only if required by the landlord. If so, electors will be encouraged to provide their name and contact information on a voluntary basis.