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General Solicitation Contributions Record Keeping – Anonymous Contributions of $20 or Less (EC 20154) – Instructions

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When to use this form

This form is used to help the agent of a registered party, registered association, candidate, nomination contestant or leadership contestant maintain information pertaining to the collection of anonymous contributions at a meeting or fundraising event.

No individual shall, in respect of each contribution made, contribute cash in an amount that exceeds $20. If a cash contribution exceeding $20 is made, the excess amount must be remitted to the Chief Electoral Officer, who shall forward that amount to the Receiver General for Canada.

Important reminder

If you are using a standard PDF reader, the information entered in the form cannot be saved. Be sure to print all completed pages before closing the document.

Tips for completing this form

Section A

Provide information about the political entity and the event date: election day for a candidate, selection date for a nomination contestant, contest end date for a leadership contestant, or the fiscal year end for a party or an association.

For a list of electoral district codes and names, refer to Annex I for a list of federal electoral districts for the 2013 Representation Order (338 electoral districts) or Annex II for a list of federal electoral districts for the 2023 representation orders (343 electoral districts).

Section B

For each meeting or fundraising activity, record the date of the function, a description of the meeting or fundraising activity, the approximate number of people who attended the function and the total amount collected. The total of the approximate number of anonymous contributors and total amount of anonymous contributions must be reported in part 2a of your financial return.

Resources and support

For more information, please refer to:

If you are not sure how to complete this form or if you have any questions, call the Political Entities Support Network at 1-800-486-6563 or email us at