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Elections Canada Provides Assistive Voting Device in
Winnipeg North By-election

OTTAWA, Monday, November 22, 2010

  • Having received parliamentary approval, Elections Canada is pilot testing an assistive voting device during the federal by-election currently under way in Winnipeg North (Manitoba).

  • Electors who require assistance can vote using the device on election day, Monday, November 29, 2010, at a select number of polling sites.

  • Electors should call Elections Canada at 1-866-294-6772 or consult the Voter Information Service on Elections Canada's Web site to learn if their assigned polling site will have an assistive voting device.

  • Electors who require assistance and whose election day polling site will not offer an assistive voting device may apply for a transfer certificate to permit them to vote at a polling site that does have a device.

    • To obtain a transfer certificate, electors must apply to the local returning officer before or on election day, November 29.
    • Electors must personally deliver their application to the returning officer or assistant returning officer, or ask a friend, spouse, common-law partner or relative do so on their behalf.
    • The transfer certificate can be used only on election day.
    • Electors must present the transfer certificate when they vote.

  • The pilot project in Winnipeg North will help Elections Canada determine how well the device responds to electors' needs and integrates into the federal electoral process. Elections Canada will share those results with Parliament.

  • Elections Canada continues to explore the potential for new technology that would improve the accessibility of the electoral process.

"Elections Canada is testing an assistive voting device to allow electors with disabilities to mark their ballots independently and in secrecy. This provides them with an additional way to vote," says Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.

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