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Federal By-election Underway in Nanaimo–Ladysmith

News Release

Gatineau, March 24, 2019

  • A federal by-election will be held on Monday, May 6, 2019 in the electoral district of Nanaimo–Ladysmith (British Columbia) to fill a vacancy in the House of Commons.
  • The Elections Canada office in Nanaimo–Ladysmith is open as of today.
  • Canadian citizens in Nanaimo–Ladysmith who are at least 18 years old on election day are eligible to vote. To vote in a federal by-election, an elector's home address must be in the electoral district from the first day of revision of the lists of electors, Wednesday, March 27, 2019, until election day, Monday, May 6, 2019.
  • Electors need to be registered to vote. Most electors are already registered. To check, electors can visit or call us at 1-800-463-6868.
  • Unregistered electors can register at the Elections Canada office in Nanaimo–Ladysmith or at their polling place just before they vote. They can also call us at 1-800-463-6868.
  • Electors have many voting options to choose from: by mail, in person at the Elections Canada office in Nanaimo–Ladysmith, at their advance polling place, or at their election day polling place.
  • To vote, electors must show proof of their identity and address. The list of accepted pieces of identification is available online.

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