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Establishment of the Commissions for the
Redistribution of Federal Electoral Districts

OTTAWA, Tuesday, February 21, 2012 — The electoral boundaries commissions responsible for the redistribution of federal electoral districts have now been formally established.

The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Marc Mayrand, is pleased to announce that he has transmitted the 2011 Census population numbers to the chairs of all 10 independent commissions, who can now begin the process of readjusting Canada's federal electoral boundaries.

The commissions work separately and independently in each of the 10 provinces and have approximately 10 months to review the federal electoral boundaries for their province, according to the new seat allocation in the House of Commons and the new census data. As part of the process, they will consult with Canadians before making a final decision as to where the new boundaries will lie.

Each of the 10 provincial commissions consists of three members. The chair is appointed by the Chief Justice of the province and the other two members are appointed by the Speaker of the House of Commons. As Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon constitute one electoral district each, they do not require federal electoral boundaries commissions.

Members of the federal electoral boundaries commissions:

British Columbia

  • The Honourable John E. Hall (Chair)
  • Mr. Stewart Ladyman
  • Mr. J. Peter Meekison


  • The Honourable Carole M. Conrad (Chair)
  • Ms. Donna Wilson
  • Mr. Ed Eggerer


  • The Honourable Ronald C. Mills (Chair)
  • Mr. John Courtney
  • Mr. David Marit


  • The Honourable Richard J. Chartier (Chair)
  • Mr. Paul Thomas
  • Ms. Kelly Saunders


  • The Honourable George T. S. Valin (Chair)
  • Mr. Leslie Pal
  • Mr. Douglas Colbourne


  • The Honourable Jules Allard (Chair)
  • Mr. Raymond Hudon
  • Mr. Michel Doyon

New Brunswick

  • The Honourable Alexandre Deschênes (Chair)
  • Mr. Patrick Neil Malcolmson
  • The Honourable Thomas Riordon

Nova Scotia

  • The Honourable Allan P. Boudreau (Chair)
  • Ms. Louise Carbert
  • Mr. David Blaikie

Prince Edward Island

  • The Honourable Gordon L. Campbell (Chair)
  • Mr. Armand DesRoches
  • Mr. Eugene Murphy

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • The Honourable Keith J. Mercer (Chair)
  • Ms. Julie Eveleigh
  • Mr. Herbert Clarke

The procedures for carrying out the redistribution of federal electoral districts are set out in the Electoral Boundaries Readjustment Act. Under the provisions of the Act, Elections Canada provides technical and administrative support services to the commissions.

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