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Reminder on Limits on Contributions, Loans and Loan Guarantees

Gatineau, Wednesday, August 5, 2015

  • The Chief Electoral Officer of Canada would like to remind Canadians about the rules on political contributions, loans and loan guarantees limits.
  • Contributions, loans and loan guarantees by individuals who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents are limited to:
    • $1,500* annually to each registered party;
    • $1,500* annually in total to the registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of each registered party;
    • $1,500* annually in total to leadership contestants in a particular contest; and
    • $1,500* to each independent candidate per election.
    * These limits increase by the amount of $25 on January 1 of each year. More information on political contribution limits is available at

  • The contribution limits apply to total contributions, the unpaid balance of loans made during the contribution period and the amount of any loan guarantees made during the contribution period that an individual is still liable for. The sum of these three amounts cannot at any time exceed the contribution limit.
  • Cash contributions of more than $20 are prohibited.
  • Contribution rules apply to both monetary contributions and non-monetary contributions (donations of goods or services).

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