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Impact of COVID-19 on Elections Canada Operations

Elections Canada has been monitoring the situation regarding COVID-19. The agency has been speaking to health officials and following their advice on how to deal with the public health risk associated with the virus.

In order to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19, Government of Canada managers have been asked to consider telework for all employees, at all work sites, and identify an approach that is flexible while ensuring continued critical government operations and services to Canadians.

The Chief Electoral Officer has asked Elections Canada employees to work from home until further notice, except in exceptional cases where individuals are required in the office to maintain critical operations. The Chief Electoral Officer’s decision is based on several factors, including advice from health officials to increase social distancing, and Elections Canada’s ability to leverage telework to continue a large part of its operations.

The health and safety of all Canadians are the top priority right now. Click here for more Government of Canada information on COVID-19.

For specific information about the impact of the virus on Elections Canada’s operations, call the agency's public enquiries line at 1-800-463-6868.

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