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Third Party Election Advertising Reports for the 42nd General Election

In accordance with the Canada Elections Act, a third party must register with the Chief Electoral Officer after the issue of the writ, immediately after incurring election advertising expenses of $500 or more, and must submit a report on its contributions and expenses (Third Party Election Advertising Report) within four months after election day. For the 2015 general election, the deadline is February 19, 2016, and the registered third parties are listed below.

Click on any link to view the Third Party Election Advertising Report in PDF format as submitted to Elections Canada. Reports are published on the Web site as soon as possible after they are received.

Third Party's Name Submission Date
101 Reasons to Vote Against Harper 2016-02-29
1VoteMatters 2016-01-27
45 Degrés Nord Inc. 2016-01-21
Adbusters Media Foundation 2016-02-18
Alliance 4 Democracy 2016-02-19
Amalgamated Transit Union Canadian Council 2016-02-12
Animal Justice Canada Legislative Fund 2016-01-05
Association for Reformed Political Action (ARPA) Canada – 2015-12-03
AVAAZ 2016-02-19
BC Government and Service Employees' Union 2016-02-15
BC Health Coalition 2016-02-16
BC Professional Fire Fighters Association 2016-02-19
BCWF Political Action Alliance 2016-02-15
BDS-Québec (comité de la CJPP) 2016-01-19
British Columbia Nurses' Union 2016-02-18
British Columbia Teachers' Federation 2015-11-24
C4ST – Canadians for Safe Technology 2016-02-18
Campaign For Canada 2016-02-17
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions 2016-02-17
Canadian Federation of Students 2016-02-19
Canadian Veterans ABC Campaign 2015 2016-02-19
Canadian Equal Parenting Council 2016-02-19
Canadian Health Coalition 2016-01-16
Canadian Labour Congress 2016-02-18
Canadian Media Guild 2016-02-19
Canadian Medical Association 2016-02-19
Canadian Mobilization and Education Hub Society 2016-02-20
Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) 2015-12-21
Canadian Union of Postal Workers "CUPW" 2016-02-19
Canadian Union of Public Employees 2016-02-17
Canadian Wheat Board Alliance 2016-02-19
Canadians United for Change 2016-02-19
Chicken Farmers of Canada 2016-02-04
Chang Chen 2016-02-17
Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada 2016-02-10
Chris Purton 2016-01-22
Climate Action Now Barrie 2016-02-18
Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC 2016-01-30
COPE 378 2016-02-19
COPE (Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union) 2016-02-12
Council of Senior Citizens' Organization of B.C. 2016-02-12
Dairy Farmers Of Canada 2016-01-12
Diane Babcock 2016-02-26
Dogwood Initiative 2017-12-21
Downtown Mission of Windsor Inc. 2016-02-16
Ecology Ottawa 2016-02-19
Equiterre 2016-02-17
Eric & Juliana Vallée 2016-01-08
Fair Vote Canada 2016-02-18
Fédération des Travailleurs et Travailleuses du Québec (FTQ) 2016-02-18
Federation of Post-Secondary Educators of BC 2016-02-11
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting 2016-01-27
Friends of Public Services 2016-02-18
Force of Nature Alliance 2016-02-18
Front d'action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU) 2015-12-18
Glasswaters Foundation 2016-02-13
GreenPAC 2016-02-01
Greenpeace Canada 2016-02-17
IATSE 2016-02-12
International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers 2016-02-04
International Fund for Animal Welfare Inc. (IFAW) 2016-02-16
International Longshore and Warehouse Union Canada 2016-02-12
Just the Facts Canada Inc. 2016-02-10
Languages Canada 2015-12-02
Leadnow Society 2016-02-18
Les Sans-Chemise 2015-12-10
Let's Build Canada 2016-02-19
Making Waves Windsor – Essex 2016-01-21
Metro Vancouver Alliance 2015-12-15
Michelle Good 2016-05-09
National Citizens Coalition Inc. 2016-02-11
NORML Canada Inc. 2015-12-02
Nova Scotia Citizens' Healthcare Network 2015-11-30
One Cowichan 2016-01-20
Ontario Health Coalition 2016-02-18
Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) 2016-02-12
Open Media 2016-01-25
Ottawa Action Network 2015-11-23
Organisation unies pour l'Independance (Oui Québec) 2016-02-05
Our Right To Know 2015-12-14
Project Democracy 2016-02-15
Public Service Alliance of Canada 2016-02-16
Ranbir Singh Thandi 2016-02-19
Rayissa Palmer & Sandy Bodnar 2016-03-01
Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO) 2015-12-17
Rick Ingram 2015-10-19
Saskatchewan Federation of Labour 2015-12-23
Saskatchewan Party Caucus 2016-02-21
Seafarers' International Union of Canada 2016-02-24
Sensible Change Society 2016-02-12
Shirley Clement 2016-01-28
Stand Up For Canada 2015-12-04
Strong and Free 2016-01-26
SUMOFUS Canada Society 2016-02-16
Team CSSA (Canadian Shooting Sports Association) 2016-02-11
Teamsters Canada 2015-12-10
The Council of Canadians 2016-02-18
The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada 2016-02-18
The Vote For Change Campaign 2016-02-10
ThinkRad Studios Inc. 2016-02-17
Time is Now 2017-03-17
TORONTO350.ORG 2016-01-23
UFCW Canada 2016-02-17
UNIFOR 2016-02-19
Unite Here 2016-02-17
United Steelworkers 2016-02-04
Vancouver Fire Fighters' Union Local 18 2016-02-14 2016-02-19
Voters Against Harper 2016-02-16
Voters For Honest Politicians 2016-03-17 2015-12-30
We Love Canada 2016-01-26
West Coast Environmental Law Association 2016-02-19
West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation 2016-02-19
Windsor Health Coalition 2016-02-19