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Third Party Election Advertising Reports for the 2006 General Election

In accordance with the Canada Elections Act, a third party must register with the Chief Electoral Officer after the issue of the writs of election, immediately after incurring election advertising expenses of $500 or more, and must submit a report on its contributions and expenses (Third Party Election Advertising Report) within four months after election day. For the 2006 general election, the deadline was May 23, 2006, and the third parties that were registered are listed below.

Click on any link to view the Third Party Election Advertising Report in PDF format as submitted to Elections Canada. If no date appears in the column headed "Date of Last Version", the third party has not yet submitted its report to Elections Canada.

File Number
Third Party's Name
Date of Last Version
TP-0064 Amilcar Jacinto 2006-08-03
TP-0048 Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada 2006-05-15
TP-0042 Atlantic Marksmen Association 2006-05-12
TP-0072 B.C. Council of Senior Citizens Organizations 2006-05-18
TP-0038 BCWF Political Action Alliance 2006-05-02
TP-0049 Bear Mountain Master Partnership 2006-07-11
TP-0063 Bento de Sao José Not received
TP-0003 British Columbia Federation of Labour 2006-05-05
TP-0014 British Columbia Nurses' Union 2006-05-16
TP-0062 C. Lau Not received
TP-0068 Canada Family Action Coalition 2006-04-27
TP-0071 Canadian Croatians for Valeri 2006-05-19
TP-0047 Canadian Federation of Students 2006-05-23
TP-0057 Canadian Labour Congress 2006-05-23
TP-0004 Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 15 2006-07-06
TP-0037 Canadian Office and Professional Employees Union Local 378 2006-05-19
TP-0028 Canadian Renewable Fuels Association 2006-05-23
TP-0032 Canadian Shooting Sports Association 2006-04-11
TP-0056 Canadian Union of Public Employees 2006-05-23
TP-0029 Catholic Civil Rights League 2006-03-20
TP-0046 CAW-Canada 2006-05-16
TP-0001 Christian and Gospel Publishing Inc. 2006-05-23
TP-0051 Christian Civil Fellowship 2006-05-23
TP-0017 Citizen Impact Canada Inc. 2006-05-17
TP-0011 Citizens for Trustworthy Government 2006-04-11
TP-0060 Citizens for Valeri 2006-02-16
TP-0033 Coalition For Democracy 2006-07-14
TP-0076 Common Sense Advocacy of Victoria 2006-04-06
TP-0020 CommunityAIR 2006-05-18
TP-0041 Concerned Citizens of Etobicoke Lakeshore 2006-05-26
TP-0043 Concerned Voters of Saskatoon-Wanuskewin 2006-05-20
TP-0035 Conservation Voters of BC 2006-04-25
TP-0026 Cranbrook District Rod & Gun Club Not received
TP-0006 Dale Jackaman 2006-02-13
TP-0031 Daniel Quek 2006-05-23
TP-0058 Defend Justice Not received
TP-0013 Defend Traditional Marriage and Family 2006-06-26
TP-0059 Donald T. Lee 2006-04-03
TP-0034 Dragon "Vote" Racers Not received
TP-0081 eNDProhibition 2006-04-10
TP-0030 Fédération étudiante universitaire du Québec 2006-05-17
TP-0080 Foster Farms Ltd. 2006-03-14
TP-0069 Friends of Robin Baird 2006-05-19
TP-0044 G. Lei 2006-03-20
TP-0052 G. Tso & Friends 2006-03-08
TP-0067 Group of Concerned Citizens 2006-03-10
TP-0077 His Own Words Coalition 2006-11-09
TP-0078 HR Technologies Inc. 2006-01-24
TP-0054 Hugh J. Maccagno 2006-05-12
TP-0053 International Longshore and Warehouse Union 2006-06-06
TP-0061 Inter-organizational Committee of Toronto 2006-05-23
TP-0075 Italian Canadians for Change Not received
TP-0023 Jubilee Centre for Christian Social Action 2006-05-19
TP-0066 Kim Chow 2006-07-07
TP-0055 Lei Wang 2006-05-23
TP-0027 Lee Valley Tools Ltd. 2006-04-25
TP-0002 Les Sans Chemises 2006-04-26
TP-0050 LGB9 Development Corporation 2006-07-11
TP-0019 Lubicon Legal Defense Fund 2006-03-17
TP-0022 Milton K. Wong 2006-05-23
TP-0045 Moncton Chapter – Catholic Civil Rights League 2006-03-10
TP-0005 National Citizens Coalition 2006-06-06
TP-0065 People to Protect Valley Hospitals 2006-04-12
TP-0015 Responsible Firearms Owners Coalition of BC 2006-05-12
TP-0025 Sandra Olive Anstey 2006-05-19
TP-0039 Shipyard General Workers Federation 2006-04-18
TP-0018 Telecommunications Workers Union 2006-05-17
TP-0021 The Canadian Alliance for Social Justice and Family Values Association 2006-04-03
TP-0009 The Committee for an Inclusive Canada 2006-07-13
TP-0008 The Council of Canadians 2006-05-19
TP-0040 The Friends of Hedy Fry Not received
TP-0036 The Sporting Clubs of Niagara 2006-05-19
TP-0012 U.F.C.W. Local 1518 (United Food and Commercial Workers) 2006-04-11
TP-0016 Union of Northern Workers 2006-05-03
TP-0070 Victoria Voters for Robin Baird 2006-05-19
TP-0079 Vote for a 2006-05-23
TP-0007 VOTE MARRIAGE, CANADA! 2006-05-23
TP-0074 Julia Yick Sze Ng 2006-06-30
TP-0024 Yee Lai Leung 2006-05-23
TP-0010 Young Canadians for Positive Change 2006-05-23