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By-elections of June 16, 2003 – Unpaid Claims

The following is a list of claims that remained unpaid 18 months after polling day (June 16, 2003). These unpaid claims are deemed to be non-monetary contributions to the candidates as per subsection 450(1) of the Canada Elections Act.
Electoral District Candidate Party Contributor
Name City Province Postal Code Amount Class*
24038 Lévis-et-Chutes-de-la-Chaudière Christian Jobin Liberal Gérald Langlois Saint-Romuald QC G6W 5M6 $63.98 A
24059 Témiscamingue Rachel Lord Progressive Conservative Party of Canada Michel Lafleur
QC J9Y 1A5

This table was prepared on December 20, 2004

* Class of contributor: A = Individuals D = Trade unions
  B = Businesses/Commercial organizations E = Corporations without share capital
  C = Governments F = Unincorporated organizations or associations