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The animation begins:

The central poll supervisor appears on screen, standing still.

"The central poll supervisor is responsible for the safety of everyone at the polling place as well as the security of election material."

The next scene shows an office with the Central Poll Supervisor, Deputy Returning Officer and poll clerk all standing together.

The scene darkens and an ambulance drives across the screen, followed by a characters head wearing a hat with the health symbol, followed by a shadowed figure with a red circle around it and a line crossing through the figure.

"Medical emergencies, health and safety issues as well as illegal or suspicious activities can occur at your polling place."

The next scene shows the CPS standing still.

"It's important that you respond to these serious situations as quickly and professionally as possible."

Next scene shows the word "Basics"

"Let's go over the basics."

The next scene shows a room with an elector being run down by two buffalos then this person lies flattened out on the floor.

Next scene shows a room with a "fire" icon with frown

Next scene shows a cell phone with the 911 icon overlaid

"If anyone becomes very ill or is seriously injured, if there is a fire, the fire alarm goes off, you see smoke or you detect a gas smell, call 911 or the local emergency to report it."

Next scene shows a guidebook with check boxes and checkmarks

"Follow the steps in your guidebook when possible"

Next scene shows the CPS, DRO and poll clerk in an office - the poll clerk turns green and looks sick and then exits the room and the central poll supervisor makes a call on her cell phone

"If an election officer becomes ill or gets injured, make sure to call the office so they can arrange a replacement."

Next scene shows a judge at his desk bringing down his gavel

"There are also several illegal or suspicious activities you need to look out for."

Next scene shows a football player who enters the room from one side and tackles an elector who comes in from the opposite side, and then this person falls to the ground and a big red X covers the screen

"Report anyone who is or seems to be:"

  • "Preventing electors from voting or forcing them to vote a certain way"

    Next scene shows an office with the DRO and poll clerk, and then a thief who comes into the room, knocks down a voting screen, steals a ballot box and runs off. A big red ‘X' then covers the scene

  • "Damaging voting materials or stealing ballots or ballot boxes"

    Next scene shows the exterior of a polling site and a poll worker standing in front of the building, an elector who arrives and the poll worker reversing a directional sign to send the elector in the opposite direction. A big red ‘X' then covers the screen

  • "Giving out wrong information to electors"

    The next scene is split in two – each with an identical voter behind a voting screen, then shows one elector who gets out from behind the screen and the second elector who leaves but who is shown wearing a disguise, then a big red ‘X' covers the screen

  • "Registering or voting when not eligible or trying to vote twice"

    Next scene shows the list of offences in a guidebook and a finger skimming over it and on the other side the CPS holding a guidebook

"There is a full list of offences in your guidebook. Familiarize yourself with them before you start working."

Next scene shows the CPS standing in an office. A deputy returning officer appears in the scene, followed by an elector. To one side of them a copy of the Events Log with two hands holding pencils that are filling out the form.

"In all of the cases described here, you must call the office to discuss what happened and fill out an Events Log. Have an election officer and a witness write a detailed description of what they saw or heard."

Next shot is again the CPS, DRO and poll clerk standing in an office and with an overlay of a circle with a percentage sign which turns into a drawing of a pie circle closing in on a small segment of the circle

The chance of any of these incidents occurring is low, but you must be prepared and ready just in case."

Next scene shows a the central poll supervisor with a question mark above her head, who then puts her cell phone to her ear; the screen then splits in half showing a returning officer sitting at a desk on which sits a telephone which he answers

"Remember, if you see or hear of anything suspicious but are not sure of how to respond, do not hesitate. Call the office and give as much detail as possible. You will be given instructions to follow."