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Information Officer Guidebook

PDF format for printing

Colour conventions followed in this manual

  • RO Returning Officer
  • CPS Central Poll Supervisor
  • DRO Deputy Returning Officer
  • RegO Registration Officer
  • IO Information Officer

Important information

List of items of important information such as contact details and dates

Text version of "Important information"

This page has a number of fields for the poll worker to write out their polling station information during training. There are fields for the following:

  • Electoral district name and number
  • RO office address
  • Advance polling days
  • Voting hours on advance polling days from 9am-9pm
  • First day of revision, which is for by-elections only
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Ro name and phone number
  • Election day Monday
  • Voting hours on election day
  • Time to arrive at the polling place