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Central Poll Supervisor Guidebook

PDF format for printing

Table of Contents

If you are facing a situation that isn't described in any of the guidebooks, or you need additional help, call the office.

Colour conventions followed in this manual

  • RO Returning Officer
  • CPS Central Poll Supervisor
  • DRO Deputy Returning Officer
  • RegO Registration Officer
  • IO Information Officer

Important information

List of items of important information such as contact details and dates

Text version of "Important information"

This page has a number of fields for the poll worker to write out their polling station information during training. There are fields for the following:

  • Electoral district name and number
  • RO office address
  • Advance polling days
  • Voting hours on advance polling days from 9am-9pm
  • First day of revision, which is for by-elections only
  • Emergency phone numbers
  • Ro name and phone number
  • Election day Monday
  • Voting hours on election day
  • Time to arrive at the polling place


Purpose of the guidebook

The CPS is responsible for two main functions at the polling place:

  • Overseeing the voting process and the registration desk, ensuring compliance and good service, covering breaks for the DRO, RegO and for any other CPS
  • Overseeing that the polling place runs smoothly in all other aspects, supervising the information officer, ensuring compliance and good service and covering breaks for them and for any other CPS. This CPS deals with candidates, representatives and other visitors

It's important to note here that CPSs at a polling place actually share all responsibility for success at the polling place. They need to assist each other in all areas as needed, even though they might lead in different areas at different times - before, during and after voting, during the count and while materials are organized.

Supporting election officers

The DRO administers the core voting process while the RegO administers the registration process. Your role in ensuring compliance with voting procedures is important to maintain the integrity of the vote as a witness to the process, and make sure the quality control of the records. You will need to check that election officers (EOs) are doing their jobs correctly, answer any questions, and make sure they get breaks.