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Service point supervisor

Position description

Key activities

  • Train service centre staff in returning officer (RO), additional assistant returning officer (AARO) and external service point (ESP) offices
  • Supervise the work of service agents (SAs), service centre clerks (SCCs), hospital special ballot coordinators (HSBCs) and community relations officers working with seniors (CRO-Seniors)
  • Coordinate outreach activities such as targeted revision, special ballot voting in acute care facilities, isolated areas and home visits. (Not applicable to Service point supervisor [SPSs] working in ESPs)
  • Ensure the steady flow of data entry in REVISE, the software application used to complete revision tasks in the local EC office, and update the RO. (Not applicable to SPSs working in ESPs)
  • Coordinate the count of local special ballots on Day 0. (Not applicable to SPSs working in ESPs)
  • NOTE: Two part-time persons can share the duties of one SPS position



  • Managing human resources, including staff relations
  • Using computer applications

Knowledge of

  • Electoral process
  • ED in which he is active
  • Revision and special ballot voting process
  • AC's role and responsibilities


  • Organizational skills to understand the substance of the work and how best to achieve it
  • Planning and scheduling skills
  • Budgeting skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Analytical reasoning skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Basic computer skills and keyboarding proficiency to use REVISE
  • Communication skills to simplify complex ideas/concepts into plain language and to clearly convey information and messages to other people within the office and externally

Personal suitability

  • Remains impartial in all dealings during an electoral event
  • Maintains a professional demeanour and exercise judgment and tact
  • Learns quickly, understand complex concepts and adapt to changing circumstances
  • Remains sensitive and responsive to special needs of electors
  • Works in teams, contribute as a team member
  • Completes tasks and assignments in a timely and efficient manner
  • Attention to detail