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Poll operations manager

Position description

The Poll operations manager (POM) works closely with the following persons: Returning Officer (RO), Assistant Returning Officer (ARO), Electoral Materials Coordinator (EMC), Recruitment Officer (RecO), Training Officer (TO), Financial Officer (FO), Service Point Supervisor (SPS), Automation Coordinator (AC), and Central Poll Supervisor (CPS); also works closely with key office staff and poll workers, especially the CPS.

The POM ensures that the ROs plans for the polling places during an electoral event are implemented. They manage and integrate all operations and activities relating to polling days, including polling places, poll workers, contingency plans, materials, and other logistics.

Carrying out pre-event assignments

The POM may assist in pre-event activities related to polling day operations, upon approval of the CEO. The RO may ask the POM to help carry out pre-event assignments and planning activities, such as selecting and validating polling places, and planning poll worker staffing.

Key activities

The list of activities below is not exhaustive. The responsibilities of the POM are determined based on what is delegated by the RO.

  • Coordinate and direct polling place management
  • Coordinate and organize poll worker management
  • Oversee and ensure RO-directed pandemic plans are deployed effectively at all polling places
  • Coordinate the distribution of required materials to polling places and poll workers, and the return of materials at the RO office.
  • Manage the resolution of operational issues at polling places
  • Perform duties as required by RO



  • Managing human resources, including resolving staff relations issues
  • Managing multiple office activities
  • Developing work schedules and plans
  • Using computer applications
  • Understanding of lease agreements, space accommodation and essential services
  • Maintaining inventory, supplying and distributing materials

Knowledge of

  • Federal electoral process
  • ED in which they are active
  • Roles and responsibilities of the RO, election officers and RO office staff
  • The overall picture (operations) at the polling places during polling days


  • Leadership skills to gain the confidence of colleagues and service providers to ensure cooperation and respect
  • Communication skills to simplify complex ideas and/or concepts into plain language and to clearly convey information and messages to other people
  • Organizational skills to understand the substance of the work and how best to prioritize it
  • Planning and scheduling skills to complete tasks and assignments in a timely and efficient manner
  • Budgeting skills
  • Decision-making skills to exercise sound judgment
  • Analytical reasoning skills to understand and synthesize issues, identify relevant information and formulate an opinion
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Exercise tact and common sense when dealing with landlords, facility administrators, and service providers

Personal suitability

  • Able and willing to work long hours on consecutive days during an election period
  • Remains calm and in control while under pressure
  • Remains impartial in all dealings during an electoral event
  • Maintains a professional demeanour and exercises judgment and tact
  • Learns quickly, understands complex concepts and adapts to changing circumstances
  • Remains sensitive and responsive to unique needs of electors
  • Works in teams, contributes as a team member
  • Attention to detail