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Office coordinator

Position description

Key activities

  • Oversee office staff and schedule their work
  • Manage the office
  • Perform duties as required by the returning officer (RO) or assistant returning officer (ARO)
  • Point of contact regarding for internal reporting, suppliers and service providers



  • Managing an office
  • Developing work schedules and plans
  • Managing human resources
  • Ordering and disbursing supplies and other inventoried materials
  • Using and maintaining office equipment
  • Problem solving
  • Using Windows-based computer applications

Knowledge of

  • Various programs developed by Elections Canada (EC) for use in the office
  • Roles and responsibilities of the RO office staff
  • Telephone features
  • English and French


  • Organizational skills to understand the substance of the work and how best to achieve it
  • Budgeting skills to estimate resources required to perform the work
  • Decision-making skills to establish the relevance of issues, information and inquiries and to exercise judgment in arriving at conclusions and/or solutions
  • Analytical reasoning skills to understand and synthesize issues, identify relevant information and formulate an opinion
  • Conflict resolution skills to address issues that arise between and among office staff
  • Editing/proofreading skills to verify the accuracy of the work of the office staff
  • Keyboarding proficiency to create electronic messages and written instructions

Personal suitability

  • Remains impartial in all dealings during electoral event
  • Maintains a professional demeanor and fosters such in office staff
  • Works in teams, contribute as a team member or lead teams
  • Completes tasks and assignments
  • Provides advance warning of significant changes in availability