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Financial officer

Position description

Key activities

  • Provide financial advice for procurement of essential services and supplies
  • Process payroll and accounts
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Process supplier invoices and lease agreements
  • Close financial accounts in database prior to closing the RO office
  • Perform other duties as requested by the RO



  • Processing accounting and payroll
  • Operating an automated accounts system
  • Interpreting and monitoring leasing and supplier arrangements
  • Using Windows-based computer applications

Knowledge of (acquired from training)

  • ROPS/SITES application
  • Payroll legislation as it applies to poll workers
  • Financial Officer's Manual Process for payments to office staff, election officers and landlords
  • Maintaining and recording expenditures


  • Organizational skills to understand the substance of the work and how best to achieve it
  • Planning and scheduling skills to allocate and track time spent on work and to estimate workload requirements
  • Budgeting skills to monitor and track office budgets
  • Analytical reasoning skills to understand and synthesize issues, identify relevant information and formulate an opinion
  • Conflict resolution skills to address issues that arise between and among workers and/or suppliers
  • Proofreading skills to verify the accuracy of the work, wording or terms of various agreements, payroll and tax provisions
  • Listening and reading skills to perceive, interpret and/or understand messages, concepts or ideas, written instructions in various manuals/guides and directives from RO, EC or others
  • Communication skills to effectively provide instructions/information to workers, suppliers, landlords, etc., discuss issues and provide appropriate responses
  • Keyboarding proficiency to create electronic messages, written instructions and to capture data in EC's systems

Personal suitability

  • Remains impartial in all dealings during electoral event
  • Maintains a professional demeanour and exercise judgment and tact
  • Works in teams and contribute as a team member
  • Completes tasks and assignments
  • Provides advance warning of significant change in availability


Must be eligible to obtain a security clearance (processed by EC)