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Electoral material coordinator

Position description

Key activity

Ensure the receipt, recording, storage, safekeeping and distribution of election materials


  • Receive and record arrival of shipped goods
  • Verify order received against order form and ensure materials are in good condition
  • Notify returning officer (RO) or assistant returning officer (ARO) of any missing or damaged goods
  • Inventory all election materials received from Elections Canada (EC) and various suppliers
  • Control distribution of office supplies and election materials
  • Order election materials and process requests for supplies through the Supply Management System by intranet (SMSi)
  • Submit orders to RO or ARO for approval
  • Control access to storage room
  • Keep storage room clean and well organized so forms and materials are easy to find
  • Package election materials, office supplies and equipment for shipping and pick up
  • Inventory and return all unused election materials to EC after closing the office
  • Assist training officer in assembling material for training sessions
  • Perform other duties as assigned by RO or ARO



  • Using common office equipment
  • Managing inventory control
  • Safeguarding assets
  • Ordering and local purchasing; packaging/shipping materials/supplies
  • Handling heavy boxes (up to 35 lbs/16 kg)

Knowledge of

  • Local suppliers
  • Safe handling and storage of supplies and materials
  • Elections Canada inventory system
  • English or French


  • Communication skills to discuss supplies and equipment with the office coordinator, RO, ARO, local suppliers and the field support network (FSN) and to understand expectations and deliverables
  • Math skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Keyboarding skills
  • Visual skills to locate and place materials
  • Strength to handle materials, supplies and equipment

Personal suitability

  • Remains impartial in all dealings during electoral event
  • Maintains a professional demeanour and exercises judgment and tact
  • Adapts and learn quickly
  • Completes tasks and assignments