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Annual Report on the Access to Information Act for the period ending March 31, 2017

4. Complaints and Judicial Review

Individuals who are not satisfied with the processing of their access to information request can file a complaint with the Office of the Information Commissioner of Canada (OIC).

The OIC received a total of seven complaints against Elections Canada in 2016–2017. At the beginning of the reporting period, the OIC also had six outstanding complaints to consider.

The OIC determined that one complaint received in 2015–2016 was not well-founded as Elections Canada had conducted a thorough and reasonable search for records at the time the request was processed. Two complaints received in 2014–2015 and one complaint received in 2016–2017 were discontinued.

Three complaints filed against Elections Canada in 2016–2017 concerned delays in responding to the requests and were resolved, as Elections Canada responded to the requests.

Three complaints received in 2016–2017 relate to Elections Canada's application of exemptions, the existence of records or miscellaneous matters. The investigation of these complaints has not concluded.

No judicial reviews were reported to Elections Canada in 2016–2017.