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Advisory Committee of Political Parties

The Advisory Committee of Political Parties (the Committee) is a forum for registered political parties to share information with and provide advice to the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) on the conduct of elections, the administration of the Canada Elections Act (the Act) and matters related to political financing.

The Committee was originally created in 1998 by Elections Canada and was given legal recognition on June 19, 2014, with the passage of the Fair Elections Act.

The Committee brings together two representatives from each registered political party and is chaired by the CEO. It must meet at least once a year.

As a result of this collaboration, Elections Canada has a better understanding of the needs of political entities, including political parties, electoral district associations and candidates.

Steering Committee on Written Opinions, Guidelines and Interpretation Notes

Since the passage of the Fair Elections Act, the Committee also advises the CEO in the development of opinions, guidelines and interpretation (OGI) notes to political entities on the application of the Act.

The OGI Steering Committee was established to help registered parties participate in the development process. This committee includes one representative from each party and meets at least once a year, usually during the annual general meeting of the Advisory Committee of Political Parties.