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List of candidates

Guelph (Ontario)

General Election (Monday, October 19, 2015)

This list of confirmed candidates was issued on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.

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Candidates in your electoral district
Candidate name Status Party name Office phone number Candidate's website * Name of official agent Name of auditor
Tristan Dineen Confirmed Communist Party of Canada (226) 500-3433 Peter Miller Krishan Suntharalingam
Alexander Fekri Confirmed Libertarian Party of Canada (519) 829-9462 Kamran Fekri Stéphane Blais
Kornelis Klevering Confirmed Marijuana Party (519) 837-0692 Blair Longley Gary Rozon
Gloria Kovach Confirmed Conservative Party of Canada (519) 265-5653 Linda Anne Murphy Jean Margaret Prichard
Lloyd Longfield Confirmed Liberal Party of Canada (519) 822-5693 Dennis Weiler Jason Peter Evans
Gord Miller Confirmed Green Party of Canada (519) 994-4673 Teresa Cornwell Stacey Campbell
Andrew Seagram Confirmed New Democratic Party (519) 341-3641 Jon Leonard James Peddie Bernard Nayman

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