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This is the easiest way to ensure you're on the voters list at the correct address.

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The CRA updates the information provided to Elections Canada every month. Your authorization remains in effect until you file your next return. Therefore, if you move during this period and you advise the CRA of your new address, the CRA will advise Elections Canada the next time information is provided.

If you tick "No" to one or both questions (or do not make a choice)

About the National Register of Electors

The Register is a permanent list of all Canadians eligible to vote that is updated regularly. It's used in federal elections to create voters lists and to communicate with voters.

Elections Canada shares voter information with most provinces and territories for provincial and territorial elections too, which reduces duplication and saves money.

Elections Canada takes precautions to ensure that the information contained in the Register is kept secure and used for authorized purposes only.

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