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FAQs on Members of Parliament

Questions and Answers

Where can I view the list of MPs?

The list of elected candidates can be found on the Parliamentary Web site.

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Who is my member of Parliament?

For more information about your member of Parliament, please use one of the following searches available on the Parliamentary Web site. You can search for your member of Parliament by:

If you do not know the name of your federal riding/electoral district, click here.

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Who are the party leaders in the House of Commons?

You can find out who the leaders of the registered parties are and what parties are currently in the House of Commons.

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Who is the minister for…?

The names of the current Cabinet ministers can be found on the parliamentary Web site.

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How and when do Members of Parliament (MPs) take office?

Once the Chief Electoral Officer receives a writ of election from a returning officer, declaring the winning candidate for that electoral district, he or she indicates in a book kept for that purpose that the writ has been received; the Chief Electoral Officer also ensures that a notice is published in the Canada Gazette indicating the name of the candidate who was declared elected. The Chief Electoral Officer informs the Clerk of the House of Commons of the name of the elected candidate(s).

A candidate may be sworn in as a Member of Parliament (MP) as soon as the Chief Electoral Officer has received the writ and written the name of the candidate in the book kept for that notice.

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