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2015–16 – Report on Plans and Priorities

Office of the Chief Electoral Officer

Details on Transfer Payment Program

1. Name of Transfer Payment Program: Reimbursements to eligible candidates and political parties, and subsidies to auditors of candidates and registered associations (political financing provisions of the Canada Elections Act, statutory payments).

2. Start Date: Ongoing

3. End Date: Ongoing

4. Fiscal Year for Terms and Conditions: The last major update of this transfer payment program was in fiscal year 2011–12.

5. Strategic Outcome: An Accessible Electoral Framework That Canadians Trust and Use

6. Program: Regulation of Electoral Activities

7. Description: Elections Canada's role is to administer the Canada Elections Act, which has three main objectives: fairness, transparency and participation.

To promote fairness and participation, the Act provides for partial reimbursement of paid election expenses and personal expenses of candidates (for by-elections and general elections), partial reimbursement of paid election expenses of registered parties (for general elections only) as well as a subsidy for candidate and registered association audit fees. To be eligible for partial reimbursement of election expenses, candidates must be elected or obtain at least 10 percent of the valid votes cast in their electoral district. Registered parties must obtain at least 2 percent of the valid votes cast nationally or 5 percent of the valid votes cast in electoral districts where the party has endorsed candidates.

A subsidy not exceeding $1,500 is sent directly to the external auditors of candidates and to auditors of qualified registered associations. To qualify for an audit subsidy, an association must have accepted contributions or incurred expenses totalling $5,000 or more during the year.

  Calculation of Reimbursement Minimum Reimbursement Maximum Reimbursement
Election Expenses Candidates 60% of the sum of paid election expenses and paid personal expenses n/a 60% of established spending limit
Registered parties 50% of paid election expenses n/a 50% of established spending limit
Auditor's Subsidy Candidates 3% of candidate's election expenses $250 $1,500
Registered associations Amount of the invoice n/a $1,500

8. Expected Results: Political entities have access to statutory payments in accordance with the law.

  9. Forecast Spending 2014–15 10. Planned Spending 2015–16 11. Planned Spending* 2016–17 12. Planned Spending* 2016–18
13. Total Grants 0 0 0 0
Total Contributions 0 0 0 0
Total Other Types of Transfer Payments 8,664,198 68,174,441 1,024,428 1,024,428
14. Total Transfer Payments 8,664,198 68,174,441 1,024,428 1,024,428

*Planned spending does not include amounts for electoral events not yet called.