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2014–2015 – Report on Plans and Priorities

Internal Audits Planned for 2014–15

For 2014–15, the agency will follow through with the internal audit activities outlined in its new 2013–16 Risk-Based Audit Plan. In particular, it will focus its efforts on the eight areas of management oversight articulated in the Treasury Board Secretariat's Policy on Internal Audit.

The agency will complete two assurance audits in 2014–15. The first audit, already underway, will assess whether the controls ensuring the security of election-period lists of electors and election workers are effective and adequate. The second audit will assess whether Elections Canada's professional development program meets the training and competency development needs of the organization.

Audit Reports Expected in 2014–15
Internal Audit Name Internal Audit Type Status Expected Completion Date
Audit of the Security of Election-period Lists of Electors and Election Workers Assurance Audit In progress 2014–15
Audit of Elections Canada's Professional Development Program Assurance Audit Planned 2014–15