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Voting at Select Campuses, Friendship Centres and Community Centres, 42nd General Election

2. Objectives of the Pilot Project

After the 41st general election, Elections Canada examined options for using the Special Voting Rules as a way to increase access to voting by certain targeted groups for the 42nd general election. The option of establishing offices, through a pilot project, in locations such as university and college campuses, Friendship Centres and community centres was selected for youth and Indigenous electors.

The proponents of the pilot project considered several parameters for setting up the offices to allow voting by special ballot in targeted locations.

It was also recommended that provincial and territorial representation be proportional to their respective populations. The criteria developed to select institutions were as follows:

The pilot project had three principal objectives:

  1. Improve accessibility of the voting process by physically locating voting services closer to electors.
  2. Improve accessibility of the voting process by increasing elector awareness of voting options.
  3. Measure the extent to which the service format integrates well into the current electoral process.

The initiative would also attempt to engage youth directly in the electoral administration process as workers in these offices.

Footnote 1 Community centres were added to the mix in order to reach youth who are not enrolled in post-secondary institutions.