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Financial Forms for Candidates

Financial forms for candidates
Name of Form Events held on or after December 19, 2014
Access to Banking Services by the Candidate's Official Agent (Canadian Bankers Association and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) Form with Instructions
Contributions to a Candidate at an Election – Information Return (T2093 – CRA Web site) Link
Checklist for Audits (EC 20011) Form
Receipt for a Contribution to a Candidate at an Election of a Member to Serve in the House of Commons of Canada (EC 20026) Form
Direct Deposit Enrolment or Change Request (EC 20039) Form with Instructions
Candidate's Statement of Surplus / Updated Electoral Campaign Return (EC 20048) Form
Candidate's Statement of Gifts or Other Advantages Received (EC 20053) Form

Candidate's Electoral Campaign Return (EC 20120)
Electronic Financial Return (EFR)

Candidate's Statement of Personal Expenses (EC 20220) Form


Optional Forms